SPFW ( Sao Paulo Fashion Week )

Tue, Nov 18, 14
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For this edition of SPFW, Melissa has its dèbut on the runway with the show of the Melissa Nation collection, where the main launches for Winter 2014 will be presented.

Inspired by the richness of multiethnicity of different peoples for around the world, Melissa Invites a star-studded team to translate the theme. The values of this theme include happiness, friendship, love and collectiveness. The team Daniel Ueda and Pedro Salles, working for the first time together, have created what can be called Melisa’s prêt-à-porter. They called several designers to action so that they could materialize images that only existed in their minds. 

The starting point for their choices was their familiarity with each of the chosen designers with the universe that would be touched upon, and with the materials that were used. Rober Dognani, Vitor Zerbianto, Yoon Hee Lee and the brands Printing, L’Etage and Apartamento 03 created pieces that can be mixed with one another, staying true to the concept of trip in which one buys several things along the way. All of a sudden, you chose to wear everything at the same time.

The styling team created looks that are the definition of “all together now”, where one element or another identifies its country of origin, but subverting its obviousness. Among the countries that served as inspiration are China, Japan, Mongolia, Mexico, Peru, India, Tibet, and of course Brazil. The African continent can also be found in mix. Silvio Giorgio customized wigs ordered from New York for each look, and the makeup signed by Robert Estevão presents a fun and colorful touch, wich is part of the brand’s tradition. Claudia Savelli also created the accessories especially for the show.

To rock this explosion of colors and ethnicities, the 20 members of Orquestra Voadora of Rio de Janeiro land at Parque Villa-Lobos. The musicians promise to deliver a big patcwork quit of cultural references that create something new. Their main band used as their inspiration the great master Fela Kuti and the Brazilian black scene from the 70s.

Check out the full runway here!