In the Family collection, we also sought out Melissa's DNA and our essence. After all, we are more than a lovebrand: we are one big family. The new models and licenses are split into three main moods. In Nostalgia, we talk about the feelings and memories of childhood, the simple things and the comfort of home; the manual crafts, vintage fabrics and a sweet romanticism. In Crew, it's more about the team, the moments between close friends, the parties and the meetings to create looks that are more industrial and put together. Our gang mixes everything up and gives new meaning to urban pieces. The best meeting is that one where people from a lot of different places come together around taste and style, such as sportswear.


Lastly there's the Cut+Paste mood, a 1990s revival and a patchwork of references and trends of that decade and of today, in synch with the coolest thing happening in the coolest streets of the planet, from the margins to the centres. Top feel like you're part of a family means establishing connections and living unforgettable moments of love and joy. Come live with us in the Melissa Family collection.



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