An object of reflection, used by so many and in so many different ways in the 21st century, the mirror gains another meaning. How do you see yourself? What do you want to convey? These are the questions raised by Melissa in the 2019 A/W - MIRROR COLLECTION. Melissa features an authentic collection that values freedom and where we can experience different images and perceptions.

We manipulate and are manipulated by this representativeness, where the "mirror" has evolved into social networks. It is here on our feeds and on our friend lists that we feel the need to be or to look flawless. We are all narcissists in search of such perfection that does not even exist. It is in the attempt of belonging that we must follow the standards. Not only the standards of beauty, but also of clothing, eating, places to go, where to travel, and finally, where to live.

We colour, embellish and transform life into a reality that we choose, design or even invent. From an unrealistic life to an inverted truth, just like the mirror in its pure essence - we only exhibit the best in our day, without the beginning and without the middle. In the elegantly laid out breakfast table only the golden sousplat and the decorated dishes are visible, contrasting with they yellow of the poached egg - the only good one in five attempts.

This season Melissa breaks down the barriers. You can belong if you want to,  but you can also go beyond. Be basic, classic or exaggerate. Find your own reality by trying. Mirror proposes to look at ourselves to understand the clear and crude images, and to take advantage of the representativeness and the imperfect or unreal reflection as we wish. Questioning, understanding and re-creating.



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