In their first-ever collaboration, Jun Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER and Brazilian footwear label Melissa have gone full punk. Across three footwear silhouettes and one bag, the two brands have transformed Melissa’s signature Melflex® constructions with PVC thorns, spikes and studs.

Among the range, the Spikes Boots reject footwear’s status quo and place the laces on the back of the construction, leaving the front upper construction smooth and seamless. Down below, however, you can look but don’t touch: the silhouette is lined with dramatic spikes.

The Beach Spikes Sandal is similarly aggressive, with realistic thorns and classic studs lining the front and back straps, while the Beach Slide Spike has more charm, with a central flower design planted front and center. Still, though, the latter silhouette presents its fair share of thorns. Rounding out the range, the Together Bag fits across the body, boasting a jagged-cut ribbon in its center, surrounded by more spikes.