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– Brazilian footwear and accessory brand Melissa celebrates over forty-years of legacy through the debut of 'The Real Jelly' collection, a new assortment of ten styles giving homage to the brand’s signature jelly aesthetic. The celebratory campaign echoes the brand’s motto “We made the first Melissa. You made it original.” A timeless style, the Melissa Jelly Shoe has passed through generations and is now synonymous with youth culture and coming of age. A purveyor in the creation of this category, Melissa continues to disrupt the footwear industry through its continued technological refinements and commitment towards sustainability through introducing recyclable plastic and recycling programs in-store. Photographed in New York City, The Real Jelly campaign celebrates individualism and the spirit of the pioneer; the courage to do something different. Melissa belongs to the Grendene group, the first in Brazil to produce shoes made of plastic for continuous use and reduce waste within the industry by giving it a longer lifespan. All Melissa products are vegan, produced with 100% recyclable PVC, and include up to 30% recycled material in their composition. “Jelly is in our DNA. In addition to fashion, our products carry attitude. It's not about a moment in history when something happened, it's about the legacy. We change the way the world sees plastic shoes. We made the first jelly shoes, a